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The Challenge is over :(

January 2, 2012starting stats and goals:

As of March 31, 2012, here is a list of my current stats:

  1. Ending Point: 22 months into a 2 year transition. Total length of hair between 9-12 inches
  2. Crown Length: 8 inches new growth, 3 inches relaxer, Back: 8 inches new growth, 1-2 inches relaxer, Front-Side: 8 inches new growth, 3 inches relaxer
  3. Did I Reach my Goals for March 31, 2012?
    • Growth: Hair said to have a growth rate of 1/2 an inch per months. This was a 3 month challenge so I should have had 1.5 inches of growth. I am certain I will achieve more growth when I do my BC! I've heard so many other Naturals comment that after the BC, their hair grew like weeds; looking for to it.
    • Moisture Retention: One thing I was diligent about was ensuring my hair was properly moisturized
    • Length Retention: While I did not achieve all of my growth goals, I did retain length, which
    • Achieve more creative protective styles: I tried a few new styles, however for the most part, since I traveled half the challenge, it was easier for me to stick with my go-to protective styles, versus doing a lot of experimentation. I did learn to do the Simple and Charming Up-Do style, courtesy of Naptural85 and made up the Crown & Glory Style, which saved my life during the end of March when my scalp was dirty and I didn't want to wear any style that exposed it.
  4. Length GoalA gain of 2.5 inches by March 31, 2012, for a total of 9.5 inches of new growth Unfortunately I did not achieve my goal; I actually only achieved 1 inch of growth, though I had high goals for the challenge. I believe this is due to the fact that I couldn't tend to my hair as much as I would have liked to, due to my travels. I am going to work extra hard these next 3 months to ensure that I reach at least 9.5 inches before I BC...which means another 1.5 inches to go.
  5. Plan of Attack: 
    • Weekly: Pre-poo Oil Wash, Co-Wash, and Deep Condition When I was home, I was able to accomplish this goal; however, traveling on a two - four week basis made this impossible otherwise. I tried to do this when I could; for instance in January and February, I only traveled for two weeks, which meant I washed my hair twice during those months. In March, I was unable to do any co-washed since I was on the road for four weeks during the month.
    • Bi Weekly: ACV Wash See above. I did this when I was able to co-wash my hair
    • Monthly: Aztec Indian Clay Wash I accomplished this for every month, since I was home for at least one day during the month. I will continue to use this to cleanse my scalp, as I love how it cleanses my scalp and strands
    • Posted Updates on Styles I'd worn on the BGLH Blog

Overall, I was happy that I was apart of this challenge. Participating in an online hair challenge was new for me and I'm proud to be apart of this particular challenge. I am an avid protective styler, however I usually just protective styled during the week and let it all hang out on the weekends. The most difficult part of this challenge was not wearing my hair out when I felt like it and keeping my mind focused on things outside of my hair :). I enjoy the ease of protective styling and will continue to do so in the future. In the mean time, in honor of the end of the challenge and missing my hair I decided to give the twist-n-curl another try!

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