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LAST term of Cosmetology School!!!! *Future Plans*

May 3rd I will be DONE w Cosmetology School!!! It'll be the end of my 3rd Term, but we have 4 terms to finish the course + have to take Core Classes. Now you may be wondering why I'll be done, I have found out that Cosmetology IS my Hobby/passion, but NOT something I want to do as my Career or the rest of my life. The course I take is at a Community College, so we are not given EVERYTHING we need in the 1st place & I've come to learn that the Head of our Cosmo Department is very CHEAP & bc of that I've had to BUY most of my Proper Supplies that THEY were supposed to be getting us. *College students are broke, they should know that*

I also don't hang around Females a lot(my few close female friends act JUST like me) bc they can be so Catty + start a lot of Drama, which has been happening since the begining of our 1st day meeting each other. I have to force myself everyday to get up & go be in class for 9hours w my classmates. If you follow me on my FB pg you'll know that I am the only Black one in my class + the youngest. I'm treated like I'm Below them & am not talked to as their Equal, but as if I'm their CHILD. They're all in their Late 20's & I'm turning 20 in Sept.

My classmates constantly get onto me about "Why don't you straighten your hair"  "You looked BETTER w long Weave, you need to get some again" "When are you gonna change your hair" etc. They MET me when I was still Transitioning w Weave as a PROTECTIVE Style, but the 3rd week of our 1st term is when I did the Big Chop & I GUESS since they met me w Weave they THINK that's how I normally wear my hair or something, but I LOVE my TWA & I gave up answering all their Ignorant questions weeks ago bc I have given them Links to all the cool Websites and YouTubers to help Educate them *sigh*

The other thing that my classmates do that's the worse is Stereotype me!!! They don't want to call me by my name "Momo" which ALL my REAL friends call me & they all try to make up Ghetto nicknames to call me. They think it's funny & okay JUST bc I'm Light Skinned and don't really think I'm "Black" *Ignorance* And they also always ask me why I don't "Talk Black" "smack my head when my fro itches" "talk LOUD" etc. I HATE being asked all these ignorant qustions & our Teacher is also Black, so IDK why they don't just ask HER. But I guess if they did, they'd be scared she'd kick them out of the class or something.

Even though I have some very petty & ignorant classmates, don't think its bc of THEM that I'm not continuing Cosmetology school. As I said before it's my Hobby/passion, but not something I want to do for the rest of my life or as a Career. I've learned that I'm MUCH better at Barbering from our Clipper class we had & am thinking that I MIGHT go to Barbering School in the Future =) Originally I planned to go to Photography School bc I've wanted to do it since I was little, but the college I go to doesn't have that Program, so I had to choose the 2nd thing that I wanted to do which was Cosmetology.

After this term is over & I'm gonna work full time so I can move in w my bf where he's Stationed at on a Marine base. And TRY to start my Modeling career as well bc it's something that WONT get out of my mind & I've wanted to do all my life just like Photography *kill 2 birds w 1 stone*

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