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Intro to "Protect Ya Ends" Hair Challenge

So I'm in the Challange, and I just put my stats up for all to see (not that I mind) but it did take up a chunk of space so this is for the future. 

For details on the rules (and how many of us are in it) check

So, here are my Starting Stats for the Hair Challenge.

Challenge goals: To retain at least one inch of growth 

Starting length: A bit below chin length (when twisted up as you can see below)

This is me (hair twisted)

Been natural for a pretty long time just always thought my hair was invincible :( til I realised it wasn't growing, so onto new things! :)

Plan of attack: 

Moisturise - as I style (that's my aim, hopefully I'll keep it)

Wash once a week

Deep condition every 1-2 weeks

Styles: Mostly buns, updos, French braids, headwraps and turbans...anything that protects my ends that doesn't involve extra hail and anything that looks interesting that I can actually do with my hair. My go to style will probably be the bun. 

This is so new to me though cuz I normally let my hair out after I wash and generally when I twist/braid it...but I do want some length so New Year - New Hair! That's my goal :)

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