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Mine is going to be two french braids. 


What will you do? Twists, box braids? And how long will you keep them in for?

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My protective style will be box braids (which I am currently wearing) until July 28, and then I am going to to small two strand twists until the end of the challenge.
Mine are mini twists and box braids as well! I'll keep them in for four to six weeks. Probably six weeks for this set of mini twists. Then around August 11th I'll put my hair in box braids.
Im doing twist extensions. Hopefully I have time to put them in this weekend. I want them to be chunky. Im trying to find tips now.
Okay, so...... after spending countless hours on Wednesday and Thursday undoing box braids, I am not in the mood to do small twists. So my new protective style will be about 12 box braids underneath a lace front wig. I do not glue or tape my wig so my edges will be safe.

Girl, can you post a wig pic? I've been trying to gather the nerve to try a wig... Still too scared!

I will! I am in big two strand twists now and will wear a twist out on the weekend. Sunday night, I will do my box braids and post pics of them and the wig then.  Why are you scared to try a wig? There are some cute ones out there and, in my opinion, it is the easiest and most effortless way to retain length and still look fly. I wore them all throughout my almost 11 month transition and the first month after I big chopped. My hair is way too thick to do simple protective styles like two french braids or a bun or chunky twists, so I have to do small two strand twists and small box braids in order to have a style that lasts. This stuff takes entirely too long to put in and take out so I'm going back to something simple.

Protective style for the week

Wow! Did you do this yourself?
Yes I did. Thank you.the hardest part is doing three parts. Lol
This is really cute!
Than you. I meant the hardest part was doing the parts, lol. I was swyping on my phone...


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