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So, let's start by submitting our before pictures. I'll be submitting within the hour :)

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Here are my before pictures. I have left side, right side and back. I'll use these to compare to once the PS challenge is over in August :)


Here's My Hair Before the Protective Style













Here is my Protective Style for the challenge


Ok so I'm a week late but here we go. This is a before pic.

This is my hair after being washed:


Love the braids Alove15 and Glenda M! I want to do these but my hair is shorter so not sure how it will turn out. Will upload when I've done them.


These are my before pics. My hair is in a blow out (front & back). I will take pics of my box braids and wig when I get it.


Here is a picture of the wig that I am wearing as a protective style. I haven't actually worn it out yet because I wore my own hair out this weekend in a huge side puff, but here it is. I made a few alterations (cutting excess hair off and cutting it even all around).



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