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Naturally Inspired


Naturally Inspired

This group is for everyone but particularly those who have been natural all their life. Want you to share you own hair journey. How did you deal with those who challenged your will to stay natural despite those around you straightening hair. Share you your secrets to dealing with natural as we surely might have an advantage over the BC folks.

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When did you decide you weren't going to chemical process your natural hair i.e. straighten it out?

Started by Jules B. Last reply by Gabby Charles Apr 7, 2012. 1 Reply

Hi all, for me I always thought natural hair was best. Everyone from my mom and aunties down had straighten hair. I saw my hair as an expression of a black woman's beauty from a tender age. I didn't…Continue

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Comment by Tropical Twist on February 4, 2014 at 7:55pm

I like to say that I've been natural my entire life.

From age 13 (when I was in 2nd form at school), the only thing my mother would allow is a press comb. This was done maybe once a month or even less frequently.

A month after college graduation in 2008, I jumped on the dreadlocks train. It felt liberating to just do what ever I wanted with my hair.I had it professionally styled and after 3 years, even had the ends bleached.

But I'm an impulsive person by nature, and on one breezy morning March 2013 I decided to take down my locks. It took me all day, but at the end I was happy that I hadn't lost all my hair. In fact, I still had about 6 inches and that was workable. I couldn't believe the number of complete strangers who came up and told me they"d "always liked to see my locks". LOL

But after 3 or 4 months, my short, coarse hair was making me 50 shades of frustrated. So, I dug into my purse, grabbed a fistful of money (or at least it felt like it) and bought my first ever straight lacefront wig.

Well my hair (leave out) didn't match my wig's texture and I wasn't having that, so I started flat ironing my hair...every week...with no heat protectant. I got heat damage and after a few months my hair refused to revert,  probably crying out for a break.

Then came the WHOOPER! I bought a home texturizer kit and decided to try it out. I wasn't satisfied with the results and my edges  were still kinky curly so i relaxed them....

Now, one year and medium chops later, I've learned so much and I'm in a position to work hard to get the long natural hair I want, while caring for my tresses and loving the journey all the way.

Comment by mia starr jones on December 3, 2013 at 11:15am

 I always had natural hair until my year of 4th grade. I had only had one relaxer my entire life. In the 6th grade I had cut my hair And now my hair is just reaching chin lenght

Comment by Mssassyshay on May 30, 2013 at 11:58am
Hey! Growing up with my mom being a cosmotologist I have been getting perms since I could remember... Well as I became an adult I never like how limp my hair was after a relaxer. I tried to go natural a couple of years ago and did my big chop but just couldn't learn how to maintain my hair as it was growing back. Well the second time is a charm. I am educating myself with the help of youtube and different sites like this one. I haven't had a relaxer since November 17,2012 and I have no regrets. Enjoying the transformation of my hair to it's natural form!!!
Comment by Jules B on April 28, 2013 at 10:02am

Love the stories been shared keep them coming

Comment by kendra millington on April 21, 2013 at 10:29pm

Hey, I've been natural for 17 years (grew a little passed my shoulders by then) my mom never believed in me getting a perm she always told me to wait until i turned 18. After being teased in high school about my hair and not knowing what to do with my natural hair i turned to the flat iron and ponytails. My hair became severely heat damaged I knew nothing about heat damage then. My first year of college i wanted bangs so bad so I begged my mom to get a perm. After a year of relaxer and still heat damaging my hair my hair continually fell out. I decided to transition for a year and go back natural. I did my big chop on nov. 4, 2012 I am so glad that i did and no love my hair way more than i did before. I discovered how my hair really curls and love it! Now im wishing for the length once again this is my current hair goal.

Comment by Lenora GF on August 3, 2012 at 3:50am

it never was easy, I come from the French West Indies, so a lot of Indians and the black girl were relaxed, people espacially guys was making fun of me, it used to hurt me but I never show it. and now I just dont care I am even proud =)

Comment by Lenora GF on August 3, 2012 at 3:46am

Hi everyone, I've been natural for my entire life, (my mother is strongly against relaxer)

she never put on me any pression what so ever, I guess she just raise me in the love of what God gave me and my hair is what I love the most on me so Yes Natural is my way to be :)

s/o for the one like me ;)

Comment by Jules B on June 4, 2012 at 2:52pm

@ Antonia Green this is a very moving story. Glad your mom was the type of woman to help you appreciate your hair and the beauty you possess. I it's really sad that even still today some parents are quick to straighten their young children hair at 6-7 years of age. People need to spend some time understanding who we are as a people and why are hair is such a glorious beauty to all that see it. Thanks for sharing and continue with the beautiful hair you were born with :)

Comment by Antonia Green on May 21, 2012 at 11:13am

Hi, i have been natural all of my life but for me natural hair was not always what i wanted.. growing up in Trinidad and attending primary school where the children were mostly African, but entirely Indian influenced (most of the teachers were of Indian decent) i was constantly bombarded with all Indian activities & celebrations (Divali, Indian Arrival Day) there were no Emancipation celebrations, etc at my school. as such i was constantly seeing the beautiful inidan girls in their colorful saris and flowing long hair on their indian celebrations. i remember girls (indian & african girls) telling me my hair was 'pickey' and ugly. the african girls went as far as belittling each other on who had the shortest and ugliest nappy hair.

i remember wishing i had long flowing hair as the indians and i would go home and tie a piece of cloth onto my head so that the cloth was my long hair..

looking back now at my childhood i could easily see how i could have ended up becoming a self-hating african woman if it had not been for the love of my mother and sisters. there were days when my mother would sit me down and tell me that i was beautiful and my hair was beautiful. it was only after i left primary school that i started to appreciate my hair and it beauty.. i always styled my hair and i was constantly complimented on my hairstyles.

long story short XD  i would not trade my hair for anything in this world!! i love my hair, i love natural hair, i love my mother for helping me to love my hair! this may sound strange but in a way the hair on my head defines who i am becuz the journey to seelf-acceptance came through accepting and loving my hair.


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