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The next BGLH sponsored Chicago Naturals Meetup is going to be on December 10 at the UIC Forum!

You heard it here first ladies :) Our Naturals "Christmas Fest" is in the works now! I'm super excited. We're still nailing down some details. But feel free to spread the word :)

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Hellz YES!!!! I live on/near Halsted so I can take the bus right on down!!! That's so what's up...I've been itching for another meetup O_o I thought it said  "Christmas FEAST"...but I kinda will be for me. PRODUCT SWAP CITYYYYY!
Great I have been to the last two.
I'm interested in going. This would be my first time. What can I expect, how early should I get there, is the event kid friendly and whatever else you can share. Thx

It is a very nice event I have been twice this year and each time I bring someone with me. You should expect to see more women with natural hair that you have seen before. I was blown away with the amount of women with natural hair and how open everone was to talk and share with me. If you have an older child 7-8 I would take them, but it is a lot of standing and walking around. BRING YOUR WALLET....LOL you WILL  see everything and want everything. I will be there with bells on I say get there extra early. I will be there as early as possible I have cleared my day and got a sitter for my 4yr old. My name is Vanessa and I will post a picture soon hope to run into you. Have a great day.

Thanks Vanessa for that response! And yes, it pretty much sums everything up :D We will have more chairs this time around (thank Jesus!!) so there won't be as much standing around.

Hi Ladies
I'm Lynn traveling from Wisconsin. I plan on getting there super early. What are the options for food?

The UIC Forum (where the event will be held) is smack dab in the middle of a college campus (University of Illinois at Chicago), so there are dozens of restaurants right by the venue.

Thx. So you can exit venue and return(get hand stamp etc)?

Are there any more details on this upcoming event?? Time, ect.?


The next one is April 7. We're planning it now :) 

Any details on next meetup?


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