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In Jamaica natural hair was mostly worn by Christian women or women in the country. I remember when I was 12 it was a right of passage to get your hair relaxed. You felt like a little kid going to high school with natural hair. I think it's a lot more acceptable to wear natural hair and not be judged. Recently Yendi, Ms. Jamaica chopped off her relaxed locks to go natural. It's always great to see public figures decide to embrace their natural glory.

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Hmm in St Croix when I was in Jr high I started to notice hair around me and beauty concepts in general. Seeemed like it was a rite of passage for girls to get relaxers and such around that age too your right. As for natural looks I remembered a lot of dreadlocks. But usually in the rastafari community or on young men not women. But natural braids and afros were around a lot too. I rocked my two strand twists till I was about 15. I do remember though the relaxed tresses were viewed as more chic and fashionable. I couldnt wait to relax mine so I would be viewed as more grown up...not even makeup was considered as strong a signifier of maturity and retrospect I could slap younger me with a brick of common sense. Alas live and learn. 
For real one wanted the Pentecostal Look as it is often referred to but I am thankful for the day I decided to say goodbye to the perm.
I can remeber those days Salome, thats real talk. I recall a friend telling me her first thought of me when she just saw me. Said she thought to herself "This girl looks good, her clothes and shoes looks nice but theres something off about her. Oh, her hair is nautral" Where im from in town, some call it out-dated others STILL call it christian. I call it my true beauty and gets joy from embracing it. I've gone relaxed twice but i can say im through with that, thank God for that. Im so in love with these natural tight curls.
I love that Trudy...really I do, back home we have so many stereotypes regarding hair. Not accepting ourselves for the way "GOD" made us....YOU continue to love your curls...When I come home Im asked if Im rasta more
I know exactly what you mean, I've been relaxing for 21 years straight. Last year I decided to go natural and forget about this cream business. Living in rural France sure made that easy.

I know how you feel Mahalia, I have gone back and forth about going natural. I pretty much enjoy the short twa look, but pretty much got restless after that. So now, no one is convinced that I will stick to it, thats because where I am originally from in Jamaica we take hair dressers for granted. I moved to Germany in May, and finding a good hair dresser to perm hair  was impossible, but I am so happy that it has forced me to wake up and love the real me !!!!

In guadeloupe most have natural hair ,they wear locks,do protective style and a few part have relaxed hair. 40% of women currently have locks. (sorry my english is too bad ^_^)


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