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The 2012 BGLH "Protect Ya Ends" Challenge [Official Thread]

Hey y'all--


I'm already working out my hair plans and goals for 2012, and I'm sure many of you are, too.  For those of you who are interested specifically in length retention and growth, I was thinking we could support each other with a challenge.  The main technique I have in mind for this is keeping ends tucked away at all times, with a free pass or two. 


In other words, twists/braids or twistouts/braidouts will NOT count as protecting your ends; but, if you do a French Roll, a bun or some other style where the ends of the hair are actually tucked away and protected, you're good to go.  Loose hair, braids/twists or twistout/braidout hair are all fine to style-- the #1 rule is just to protect ya neck ends.  Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, hide ya ends!


Yeah.  I'm real strict, y'all.


So, who's coming with me?  Here are the rules for the challenge:



  • Challenge will run from January 1, 2012 to March 31, 2012
  • Hair must be styled in a way that keeps ends tucked away and protected at all times[This includes buns, tuck n' roll styles, updos, headwraps, wigs and sew-in weaves.  Braid and twist extensions are fine, too.  Any style you choose is fine, as long as your ends are tucked away and protected.  The options listed above are just that-- options.  You're encouraged and welcome to come up with other styling ideas, so long as they still fall within the challenge rules.]  Each participant gets TWO one-day passes to wear a style where the ends are free/unhidden.
  • Moisturize and seal ends before putting them away in any particular style.
  • Keep ends well hydrated at all times, through whatever method works best for you.
  • NO direct heat styling.
  • Snip out any split ends or single strand knots whenever you encounter them (USING HAIR SHEARS, PLEASE!), to keep ends in good shape.
  • All challengers must check in once a week here in the official challenge thread, so we all stay accountable and so that the challenge doesn't die!  All weekly updates, photos, etc. should be posted here.


On or before January 1, 2012, when the challenge begins, all challenge participants must post:

  • Starting stats (e.g., challenge goal(s), hair starting length, whether hair is layered, if you're transitioning, etc.)
  • Plans of attack (whether you plan to wear updos, wigs, headwraps, weaves, what your hair care routine will be, etc.)
  • Photos and/or anything else that sounds good!

Here’s where it gets juicy.  There will be challenge prizes!  That’s right!  All challenge participants will be eligible for 3 fabulous BGLH Forum giveaways!  At the end of each of the 3 months during the challenge, BGLH Forum Ambassador Jodi-Ann P. and I will select 1 winner to receive some super amazing fantastic hair goodies.  Forum members can join at any time during the challenge, but only those who join the challenge on or before January 1, 2012 will be eligible for the prizes.


While being a challenge participant who abides by the challenge rules (rules which include “checking in” on the challenge thread once a week!), automatically enters you, giveaway winners will be selected based on your active participation in the Forum/challenge– meaning, a Forum blog, vlog and/or photos documenting your progress, discoveries and whatever else throughout the challenge, will be the main criteria considered, when we select the winners each month.  Be creative!  Those of you who decide to also keep a Forum blog/vlog during the challenge should post links to your blog posts here in the official thread, so we can go check it out!


Ideally, by the end of this challenge, we'll all be winners-- of healthier, longer, stronger hair!



Mos Nef



Marliceia J. Chavers


Candyce Noelle



Sharan A. Bell

Kenya C. Easley


Sienna B.



Rachelle Lynn

Dimplz Phillips


KiKi Bee

donna gardner

Ayana Nia Sears

Leila N.

Jodi-Ann P.


Miss Amma


J. Joseph


Chalaunte Wint

Kandyce P


Manda Sherita

Khyla Johnson

Jennifer Mompoint




Lillian Mae

Charity Clark

Mystique Hargrove


Nyneju Nmah

Cristina Nataniel

Ambi Taylor

Jazmyne Martin-McDonald

Karamel Sundays

Letitia Brown

Monica Ashland

Giovanna C.

Janice Daley

Vanessa Nelson

Lauren J

R'Cuteface M


Bernice Kwashie



Val-Monique Flournoy

Alicia Marie

emiley mallory

charmaine g taylor

Peta O.

Wyvolen Morgan

Ashley Taylor

Joi S.

Kimberly N Hendrix

Tatiana J.

April Fields

lucrecer braxton


Mona Monroe

Melissa Severe





Mela Gunn


Diandra Stokes

Charisse Smith


Natural By Nature



Jamie Green

Fatin Abdal-Sabur


Athina W.


Brandi McCall

Cecily Joy


Pamela Bey

R Love

Resha Green


Samantha S.



Paula Loving

Momma Love


Jodi Redway





Vivian E. Otoo

Irene Leiner

Tara-Lea Aleszczyk

Sherrita Lowe


D Rene

Corner Curl Girl



Rhoena Desir



Erin Wright

Sasia Riley


Misses Jones

Bamboo Redd

mimi r

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I've never tried that method of washing braid extensions before, personally.  It just seems like too much bother for me.  However, Naptural85 used to use a similar method to this, for washing her mini twists.  She explains it here:


Thanks for this link :)

I've just posted an update to the PYE Challenge:

Hey ladies! Checking in. Last night I saturated my hair with a coconut oil, EVOO, water mix and bunned it until I went to the hairdresser's this evening to get mini-twists! YAY!!! So excited and ready to play and experiment!

Happy Growing :)

your mini twists always look good!

not gonna lie, a little jealous over here lol

Awwee, Thank you :)

I'm spoiled now.



Thanks :)

These are beautiful!


Nothing new, mostly bunning...again :P

miniature update:

so im pretty sure these crochet braids are coming out soon. more than likely, saturday or sunday evening. i love knowing that my hair is just chillin, growing buuut i miss it. besides, the hair synthetic is starting to mat and tangle since ive been a little lax about tying it up at night lately. my scalp is itchy too so it needs a good washing.

'tis all. :)


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