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i need suggestion and help on comparing wigs to surgeries? im going bald and i need some help, will it be better for me in the long term to get surgery or can buying just one wig help me out? may be maintaining the wig is harder or not? I am greatful for any help i can get.

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my opinion is to buy a lace wig, because buying wigs is not only more cheaper then sutgewies, not also more effeitive.

you will take risks of surgeries, and in all probability you still grow new hair.

so, buying a wig is a good choice.

Hi Felicia,

Hope you are well. Why are you going bald? I recently had BC in september 2011 and i realised that my hair was getting thinner, dry and falling out. I realised later got told that i have ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA  and it really affected me. However, i wear my hair really short and have it shaped very nicely, thank God for my barber. I also considered wigs but they were costly and surgery was no guarantee for hair grow. I am now using EMU OIL and honestly i can see some hairs growing especially my hairline. The hairs are fine but am postive hair will be back. I am also taking SEA KELP, BIOTIN AND IRON TABLETS. My dermatologist prescribed me minoxidyl but i never used it due to its side effects.  

Let me know if you would like a few more tips. 

wish you all the best


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