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Hi ladies !

I'm making a transiton to natural hair and its only been about three months and am lost :( lol... I live in Canada and it is that time of the year again ! 'Rude bwoy Winter". since i started my transiton i was only doing braid out styles now i want to do some protective hairstyles, but i dont know which one is best to prevent hair lose especially at the front of my hair.Please help ! i will take any help good or bad.

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Braids are a good PS. I personally perfer styles with added hair, that way the style will last much longer.

Agreed with the post below as long as it doesn't tug and pull on your edges too much. Braids, kinky or senegalese twists, or even weaves as long as your hair is well protected and moisturized before styling.

WIGS or BUN or ROLL TUCK & PIN STYLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I used braids and buns. I think braids is the most versatile, as long as they're not too tight or damaging. Buns can be cute but remember to change where you place the bun because you can cause your hair to be damaged where you constantly leave it.

Hi Penny,

I think single plait extension are a great protective style.  It prevents you from messing with your hair, destroys your product junky habits and you have instant growth when you take them out.

After a year of protective styling - usually cornrows or boring buns I decided to go for single plaits as I know I could retain more length if I stopped manipulating it so much. 

Single plaits are also good if you have very cold weather as I believe the synthetic hair acts as a barrier/insulator.

Since you are worried about your edges ask the hairdresser not to do the edges so tight or you could loosely cornrow or flat twist the edges and wear your hair in such a way as to cover the edges or use headbands which I can see you like.

Hey Lady!

I am transitioning, and have been for 20 months. Here are pics of my transition styles thus far:

Greets Sis!  I'm new of today.  I transitioned as opposed to BC.  Braids, twists are good PS because they last.  I might do it for awhile, but I tend to get lazy!  Sad but true!  LOL! Don't be alarmed when you have experience what seems to be hair loss when you take the braids out. REMEMBER: your hair goes through the stages of growth, transition & shedding/rest. If you believe you are losing too much hair, see a dermatologist for a consultation.  Our hair needs moisture, so make sure you keep it moisturized.  Silk bonnets are great for bedtime as well as a silk pillow.


You could try 'Crochet braids', your hair will be cornrowed underneath the braids so i think it should be safe, especially if your hair is shorter. I plan to try them this summer, that way I wont miss curly hair too much as i can choose curly extensions/braids. check them out 


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