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hello beautiful ladies , so my dream has always been to get my hair as thicker , and longer as it was before all the heat damage which was a little above my bra , but now my hair is shoulder length and i want to be bra length , im looking for any tips that would help me reach this goal . A big thanks in advance to all who reply .


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hey yeah i think imma start going scalp messagestoo a small section in the back of my hair broke off about an inch from the other hair so imma start doing that  

yu should i already notice a difference because i tested out massaging a small portion of my hair and all ready that section is longer than the others , good luck !

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massages, massages and massages  ! To me the only true thing that can really impact on  growth plus it's free  great isn't it ^-^.

Do you massage with oils?

Just once a week when I do my pre-poo otherwise I just use my hand I add nothing to it I'm afraid of too much oil on it will do more harm than good since it's the act of massage which stimulate blood circulation oil it's just optional to me. ^-^ 

How long do u do it for? and do you do it in sections or just all over at the same time?

Can't really say the time it can be few minutes like 5 while waiting for an appoitment or much more while watching a movie or tv show or the news.
I'm not sure to understand what you mean by in sections but I'll say both I have big hands and my fingers have easily acces to my whole scalp and I just have to make sure my scalp moove sometimes I do circular moves or a kind of pinch (but lightly no hurt lool) just make sure I kinda lift the scalp and I guess I do it like you said in sections.

The thing I've noticed is that it's easier for me to do scalp massages when my hair is in twist instead of out the scalp is more reachable.
I try to be as clear as possible hope I was :s

All BGLH'girls gave great tips ! 
try to minimize breakage factors (heat, too much manipulation, lack of moisturizing, deep conditioning, not proper detangling..) and be patient, you will see it coming :)  

thanks , i'll try this !

my biggest tip would be keeping your hair in styles that require that you don't touch them for at least a month at a time. yep, i'm talking braids and twists. i've noticed that my retention is like 100 percent when i wear extensions, but once i take them out and leave them out and start styling every single day, i lose all of that length and have to start over. even when i was a child, my hair was down my back simply because it was ALWAYS braided or plaited up lol which was boring to me, as you can probably imagine, but i had length and the healthiest hair ever. it works. but you gotta put up with the monotony if it's truly what you want and if you find that nothing else you've tried is working. 

have you tried vitamins? pinup girl vitamins are the same ingred. as hairfinity grows hair one inch a month


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