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Today , I've had one of the worst days. Tell me how one of my co workers brought the topic about my hair. I continue to listen to her, she said" Co-worker:why don't you keep wearing your hair natural'?Me- I love my hair but I like to blowdry it every now and then, so i can trim it and see the length. Co-worker: I like your hair natural because it makes you look mix, you know not so... Me: Not so what?Co-worker: Well not me, but when people see you with straight hair; they automatically see dark skin. Me: Excuse me, did you realize what you just said?I sad her down and had a talk with her and reported her to my supervisor. I dislike ignorant people because I love everybody for who they are. I just wanted to share this with you ladies. After that experience, I've learned to appreciate my hair even more. I went natural not because of the trends and fads. My hair was long, strong and beautiful when I used to relax it. I went natural because I didn't have a memory of how my natural hair looks like. After 4 months of my big chop, I fell in love. Voila!

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Thanks for sharing! Good on you for explaining to her.


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