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I know there are alot of products out there that smell good but does nothing. But then again they didn't work for my hair. Sense everyone's hair is different the term to each is own applies.

I had a cousin who told me try aphogee would make my hair feel like butter. It worked for her daughter but did nothing for my extremely dry hair

A deep conditioner by Carol's Daughter provided more promising results. I can't remember the name I just know it came in a jar and smelled like vanilla candy.

I also tried organic root stimulator. Smelled okay but left my hair too greasy.

What I'm using now is something that smells good and  does what its suppose to do for my hair at least. For me moisture is key

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Right now I'm using TRESemmé Naturals conditioner. This stuff smells amazing and leaves my hair soooo soft even when it's dry!! Needless to say, I catch a severe form of Hand In The Hair Syndrom!!

And I also use SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie....smells great and works fine with olive oil added in it. 

Hey, I thought I should mention that some TRESemme conditioners have sodium hydroxide (the stuff relaxers are made from), which kinda defeats the purpose if you want to be 'natural'.It's not much but it's in there all the same.

 I know the Split Remedy does for sure, but don't know about the others. A qick Google search should bring up the Ingredients.

The sodium hydroxide in many conditioners is used to balance the ph. It is not basic enough to alter your hair texture like the amount in a relaxer would. Here is a natural haven article for those who want more info on the subject matter:

Hey ladies I have just made a recent post on coconut oil and its benefits for natural hair and skin please check out my blog and share your thought here is the link

I live in trinidad its pretty hard to find these things you're all talking about. The only product i have found in stores over here so far is Taliah Waajid balck earth products i wanna try it.

My newest find is the Beautiful Textures, the moisture butter and the curl control creams. They are REALLY working for me. Ive phased out of the shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie in favor of this new line. It smells so good and it gives me the right kind of moisture balance. I use both throughout the week and I LOVE the fact that it gives me softness and a SLIGHT oiled feeling without weighing down my hair. Its light enough that I can apply it to my bantu knots every night at or just on my ends to protect them while I sleep. OR I can just spritz my hair to reactivate the cream I already have in it and set my hair. My ends are super fragile & I knot up quick so i also use it to detangle before bed while Im doing my bantu knots. I dont HAVE to wet my hair bc its light enough that its absorbed and dry by morning. Its smells YUMMY and I cant believe each product in the line is under $7! Its a keeper in my book.I think I'm off the product search bandwagon for a while bc Ive found my current staples. These products will take me thru summer for sure! Its nice to not keep searching for new stuff can be fun but expensive!

I agree with lecia p.  I've tried the Beautiful Textures creams and they work on my hair also.   The smell is awesome and the price is awesome also.  I am also a fan of the Jane Carter Solution's Nourish and Shine and Twist and Hair Nourishing Cream.  It's a bit on the more expensive side but they smell lovely and work very well in my hair.

Oyin hair dew smells sooo good and it is a really great leave-in/moisturizer. The Oyin juices and whipped pudding are the bomb as well.

Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner smells nice. I like it a a cowash/detangling conditioner


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