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We've all been there. After watching countless product reviews and reading numerous blog posts and now we're convinced we've discovered the Holy Grail of natural hair product that we're convinced will work wonders for our mane..........only to buy it and realize your hair hates it.


Mine was the Cantu Shea Butter Leav-In. Try as I might, my hair flat out refused to have any part of it.


What product did other naturals love but your hair hated?

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Shea butter! It did nothing but sat on top of my hair!


I also had to leave the shea butter was heavy and oily and took days before there was some absorption, even when I used it on my was just oily and not really moisturizing.
I actually had break outs all around my forehead and sides of my face.

Shea butter hated my hair as well but my little sister's hair ate that stuff up


Same with the Shea Butter! while it moisturizes my hair, it just makes my twists look dull :/

Oh Thank Goodness people that don't like  my hair runs from it:0  I love Babassu oil though!


Giovanni Direct Leave-In...I mean it was OKAY...but it wasn't that moisturizing and felt like it coated my strands in a chalky type I used it until it was gone...but never re-purchased.

Same here with that chalky feeling, i used it in 2007-08 and hated it!
Shea Butter!! UGH!! Does nothing for me either, its just sits on my hair.
Hey all :D The only thing I can think of is Aloe Vera gel. I tried to use it for my twists, but it just left my hair feeling sticky. Uhhh, for those who are not liking the shea butter....psssttt...pass it to me, LOL.
Youre tellin me, all the hatin on shea butter- i loooooves it! Makes my hair so soft and happy! And my loving step dad bought me 3 lbs! Happiness:)
My hair looovvvvvves Shea butter too! I just started using it a week ago and gracious day my hair is so moisturized!!!


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