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I'm a superlight mixed girl with a bunch of emotional hang-ups about my hair. Most of the people I'm around are white, and vocally prefer my hair when it's relaxed and straightened. I, however, want to go natural like my mom. I have a LOT of hair--even relaxed, it's kinky, the base of my ponytail is as thick as my wrist, and it's BSL when straightened. I've got about four months (two inches) of new growth right now, and I'm trying to decide what to do. Should I Big Chop, or wait for it to grow out longer? What's the transition like, in terms of management changes? How do people respond? Will my face look different? Ahh, I have so many feelings and questions.

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I'm no expert but I have crazy/curly "mixed hair", and it's been my experience that when I'm trying to transition (natural) braids work the best. If you need to maintain a more refined or professional look the thinner the better!!

i am transitioning right now. almost 6 months in and i cant take it no more! heading for a big chop right now! i think its because i am having to do my own hair now coming from going to the salon every other week. if i were still going to the salon every other week i may be persuaded to transition longer, ready. dealing with both textures is annoying, im ready for wash and gos! i've been blogging about my transition so if you need different styles to try you can check my blog

Twist outs and braid out will help with transitioning if you're not ready to big chop. I never big chopped...just let my hair grow out for about 8 months then cut off the relaxed ends. By that time, my hair was just about to my ear when straight. I'd never had hair that short before, but I'm happy with the length now because I have more options for styles.


That's interesting that many of the white people around you prefer your hair straight. I grew up in a predominantly white community in Florida, attended a predominantly white university in the Midwest, and all of my white friends (and co-workers now) love the curls! Honestly, screw what other people think. It's your hair. Give it some time and let it grow out if you're apprehensive about the style. I can tell you this-- having shorter hair will highlight your facial features, which I love.

I have been transitioning for 21 months now and trust me, this experience is what you make of it. Like another poster suggested, screw the nay-sayers! The only person who had to understand our accept your hair decisions is you. When I first began my journey, I went to a stylist and she flat twisted my fair for me. After I began learning my hair needs and experimenting, I found that I could achieve a better look then she could, all the while saving $ 50, gas money, and a 45 minute car ride. :-) The decision to BC or not is purely on you. I decided to transition for two years (my BC is June 2012) in order to get to know my texture and its needs...when I do the BC, I am certain I will be ready because of all the time I've invested. My suggestion is to treat your hair as if already natural...determine a hair regiment and stick to it. Pay attention to what your hair likes and dislikes and adjust accordingly. Get used to looking in the mirror and seeing a kinky curly goddess, because that's the natural you. As you come to love yourself, that love and joy will spill from your pores and attract the right type of energy and people. Hold your head high and stay with it.
I documented my journey and discuss some things that have worked for me on my blog:


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