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Hey ya'll! As I'm typing this, I'm currently getting my hair done in Senegalese twists! Thankfully, the braider is sparing my edges...amen. And the hair isn't tight at all.
So..for those of you out there who has had this style before, how do you maintain it? I need something to moisturize my real hair which is chilling underneath. Due to my workout schedule, I sweat soo much, and so I plan on washing my hair with the twists..mainly the scalp!!
Any good products, ya'll?

Thanks in advance.

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When I had senegalese twists/kinky twists, I just used a spray moisturizer (anything water based) for my hair and then some dry shampoo (the one I used was from Organic Root Stimulator) for my scalp when I want my scalp to feel fresh. Hope this helps!

Thanks, it does help! My sister is giving my a braid moisturizer, so things should be good! And I believe we have Organic Root Stimulator  (olive oil I believe) around here somewhere..


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