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I put color in my hair...Am I still considered natural???

Hi ladies, I recently did the big chop (12/15/11 ), I shaved all my hair off to go natural..or shall I say to go BACK natural. As of right now I'm sporting a twa which I absolutely love and adore. But, as of last week I was kind of getting bored with it and decided to ad some color. I used the clairols textures and tones brand. Since going natural I'm always researching and obtaining information about styling, treatments, and all that. I discovered the term "natural nazi" which are people who are extremists when it comes to natural hair. I read in another discussion board that having natural hair means absolutely NO CHEMICALS whatsoever. I read this after I colored my hair. I used the honey blonde color which came out light brown since my hair is so dark. I don't like the way it came out along with my skin tone so I'm going to put a black rinse in my hair and just leave my hair the heck alone since its starting to grow back healthy. Now, the question is...since I dyed my hair, am I still natural? the texture of my hair is the same only difference is the color. After the black rinse wears off my natural hair color will be back. I feel so bad that I'm doing this to my hair so early in my journey. Do I have to cut my hair all off again since I have color in it? am I still natural or was that just a quote from natural nazi doing what they do best?

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Hi Amiya,

Why do you care what other people think?  Lots of naturals dye their hair with henna or chemicals there is nothing wrong with that the texture of your hair is still an afro isn't it?  Relaxers and texturisers are the only things that can change the texture of your hair.

Do not cut your hair off unless you want to, here are some YouTubers who dye their hair - Fusion of Cultures, 160days2lose2 and Br0nzeqt, 2 of these ladies have been interviewed for the main website of black girl long hair.

@Moosh. Thank you for your response. You're absolutely right I shouldn't care what other people say, but at the same time I guess I kinda agreed with them a little bit. I figured box dye DOES have chemicals in them which can sometimes alter your natural hair. Unfortunately I did do the big chop again about 3 days ago to start all over. I don't regret it because I'm not in any rush to have long hair so I couldn't care less. But from now on I won't be so extreme with my hair and listen to other people. I probably won't be dying it again unless its henna.

You know back in 2003, I wanted to make my hair look like it's added with highlights with Clairol's Textures & Tones permanent haircolor.  When I tried it, the color came out very radiant with the highlighted shade.  After a few days, I noticed that my hair is experiencing breakage and shedding, so I had my split ends trimmed and the permanent color completely washed out of my hair.  I was very upset when this problem happened to me for weeks.  That's when I had to do roller sets and sit under the hair dryer instead of using the blow dryer.  After that, I went back to coloring my hair with a semi-permanent hair color.  I even moisturized my hair and took proper care of it.  I also had it relaxed.  I'm still using semi-permanent hair color and I have been using it ever since.  That's why I had to tell you to switch to semi-permanent hair color instead of permanent hair color, because it can spare your hair from breakage and shedding.  Make sure you moisturize your hair and scalp to promote hair growth from the roots to the ends.  If you plan to have your hair relaxed, tell your hairstylist to add a semi-permanent shade to your hair.

I think natural refers to texture, it may be a short way of saying: I wear my hair in it's natural texture. Nothing to do with colour.

@Roslynn, I appreciate the advice. BUT I will not be using any type of color whether it be permanent or semi permanent. The 25th of this month I will where I was when I cut my hair the first time around, which was only 2 months of growth. The first time I dyed it as you know, and will not be doing it again. The less manipulation and chemicals the better anyway. I'm going to simply let my hair do its thing be free and grow. Wash, condition, and moisturize. Thats it! And relaxers are out lol

@ Jean, you have a good point, and everyone has the right to feel how they want. But me personally I look at it like this, if I dye my hair with a chemical dye, it alters my hair texture, and my hair just simply isn't the same, then something has clearly been done to my hair which wasn't natural. My hair was not the same and wasn't natural to me.Everyone seems to have their own defenition of natural. And I also understand that women may want to color their hair and its absolutely nothing wrong with wanting change. Especially if they're still wearing their hair in natural styles, its not that serious. But for me, keeping it as natural and pure as possible, is the way to go.

Fair enough. I think that was my definition before until I realised my hair texture remains the same with natural dyes (yes, they are chemicals too) so I changed my mind to focusing on texture. But at the same time there's a bit of a stigma when your hair is not completely natural (including colour) and I'm grateful at the tone of this discussion. Sometimes it get's heated for no good reason really.


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