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So I’ve been putting extension braids in my hair for a while now, and I usually keep them in for about a month and wash every 2 weeks. But I was thinking of keeping my new set of braids in for a longer stretch of time this time round, but I’m not sure how long is too long when it comes to keeping in protective styles.


So I was wondering how long do people leave thier braids/protective styles in? Does it just depend on ones regimen? And how often do your wash the braids when they're in?


Thanks X

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That all depends on your hair type and texture. When you had then in first did you notice any itchy scalp, tangling, etc. For me the longest i can keep braids (my natural hair) is three weeks. After that the tangling is horrible. I have adopted a less stress method in which I do not comb my hair (I use my fingers) until its time to wash it, so my protective styles will usually last three weeks, given the fact that i take it down and put it back up maybe once.

Nope I’ve never really had any problems with tangling; I think for the most part the braids keep my hair stretched which helps me to avoid tangling for a while. washing my hair every couple of weeks and using coconut and tea tree oil helps deal with any itchy scalp problems, but tbh my scalp doesn't really get that itchy.

Really I’m just worried leaving them too long will stunt my hair growth and damage my hair.


From what I have read online and asked the winner is one month, if your hair isn't itchy (but you dont have that problem) or dirty. After one month you want to give your scalp a break and release the tension. So the big no-no i am hearing is not to take down braids and put them back up.

Ahh i see thanks for the info. Atm doing a year long braid challenge so i've just been taking them out and putting them back in. I guess next time ill have to incorporate a break.

I usually keep my hair in extensions for 3 months but since I have learnt how to take care of my hair I think 10 weeks may be my limit as I co wash my hair weekly and the plaits are starting to come out, the ususal ones by the temple and the back.  Also, they have loosened a lot and appear to be sliding down it's quite funny really it has just made me more inventive with my styling.  I also spritz and oil my hair daily which doesn't help the plaits to stay in.

Now that I know how to care for my hair and love it I'm finding it very frustrating having the plaits in, I've had them in for 7 weeks now and so desperately want to take them out but I have to try and get to 10 weeks.

From my experience I would say the more you wash your hair the shorter they can stay in.  In the bad old days I would easily keep my hair in for 3 months and wash my hair once a month. If you follow that method your hair will last a long time.

I keep mine in for 2 months. I wash my roots once midway with the extension braids in (or once per month if I've been exercising a lot). I don't wash the braids, but just let the water and shampoo fall off of them. Then I seal in the moisture on each braid while damp with 100% castor oil from the root to where my natural hair reaches in the braid - then air dry.

I don’t re-touch or re-do anything the whole 2 months that they’re in. Instead I wear a cute cloth bandana in the front to cover any fuzzy new growth when it appears.  In between the midway wash, I'll spritz with water and apply more castor oil if my root or natural hair in the braid looks dry. After 2 months, I give my hair a 2 week break from braids before putting them in again.

Using the castor oil to seal in moisture while my hair is in braids makes it shiny, smooth,  and tangle-free when I finally take the braids out.

This method is easy, super protective and is growing my hair out fast. This is my second time around growing out long natural hair, and this method is working just like it did the first time around.

I've ever only done 2 months max but the average for me is 6 weeks, I'm about to put some yarn braids in and even if they hold up well I'll be taking them out in 6 weeks, my hair grows fairly quick when in braids and I don't want all that pull on my new growth

I usually keep my braids in for 4 months
and I washed it about twice-three times, and cowashed about 4-5 times.

thanks for all the info guys!


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