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Help! Naturals in Europe, Naturals in the Iberian Pen? Naturals who have been in Europe???

Hey yall... American natural, just recently moved to Spain (Espana!)

The move has been really hard on my hair, the water is horrible, and it's very difficult to find oils that are not olive oil here....  But I fixed that, washed with bottled water, and searched relentlessly for coconut oil...

My hair was doing great for the past few weeks and all of a sudden i woke up this morning and it was breaking a ridiculous amount!! I truly haven't seen so much breakage in years!!

 I think I need protein!  My hair does feel moisturized and I'm pretty good at that. So any help you can give here would be great... Companies that function in the EU, American companies that ship to the EU for good prices,  at home protein treatments that work for you, etc. where I can buy a henna treatment in Europe... 

Lol it ain't good for my hair out here yall!

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i am sure you will find a healthy food store that will sell some oils. after that, you can try AROMA-ZONE a french seller that ships internationally
oils, protein, emulsifiers, hydrosols. you can buy hydrolysed wheat, silk, rice protein there. and lots of oils popular to rare. essential oils, clays(rhassoul), waxes, extracts for hair (panthenol, inuline, powdered honey). but one problem is that the spanish and english part of this website is not enough "built". not everything is listed in the non-french part. just use google website translator if you want.
hope i have helped.  

Hey !!

Maybe you'll be able to find some stuff in pharmacy/drugstore like oils and they can give you informations. I think you can find Garnier hair products in their supermercado for example, but appearantly it's hard to find product dedicated to our hair and it can be pricey :s.
As for protein treatment why don't you try food mayonnaise  till you find some products or eggs. ^-^

Good luck.

Hi Maha,

I live in the UK and whenever I go on holiday I take everything I need with me because I know how difficult it is to buy African hair products in Europe.  I suggest you start making your own hair products rather than trying to buy them on the internet.

Eggs, avocadoes and yoghurt will provide your hair with protein.

Another thing you could do is go to France for the day by train, not sure where you are in Spain, Toulouse and Paris have good black hair shops.  When I was in Toulouse the first black woman I saw I asked her where the black hair shops were, I suggest you do the same in Spain.

Hi Maha!

España, eh? I lived there for a year in college and I understand 110% what you are talking about. The water is very different, and I had some skin reactions while adjusting to it. I couldn't even drink it, in fact, we Americans had to get water from a special well that was built on campus, nonetheless, I understand your dilemma.

I don't know which part of Spain you are in, but I lived on the East coast, north of Valencia (in a tiny town called Sagunto). There was a store called Carrefour, which is basically the Wal-Mart equivalent here in the states. I was able to find a few American-made products that kept my hair relatively healthy during my stay. Some products available here in the states (major brands) can also be located in Spain. The only thing, however, is that you have to be in the right areas for the stores that carry them. Almond oil is sold in many places, though, which was a great staple for my hair after washing.

I wish you the best in your journey!




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