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Hey ladies I need some help,

I love my curls, I find them cute, but I have one problem... I'm not ready for the world not to love my curls. You see Im a junior in High school and have been natural for about a good year or so. But im the Queen of cutting my hair and most of the time its in a straight style. Many of my peers and family members are used to seeing me with my straight hair and cant quite grasp the fact of me and my curly hair. The only people that have really seen my hair curly is my family members, and Im deathly afraid of my peers reaction to my sudden change in hair. Its also a whole new experience for me being that I still straighten my hair and haven't quite worn it curly to school yet. I want it to grow bigger but I know I'm hindering that with my straightening tools. How did you guys get through your hair fear if you had any? Here is some pictures of me with straight and curly hair also!

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I think you have the type of face that either style looks great but I caution you against constant straightening without giving your hair a break. You don't want to get heat damage. With that said, when you exude that confidence nobody has any real choice but to take that all in. Of course there will be people that will criticize and you are at a time in your life where everything will seem EXTREMELY important..but in the end you are a beautiful girl with beautiful hair. You could always go and get it styled at a natural knowledgeable stylist before you debut at school so that you have that extra boost and I think you should do it!

Hi Kaylisa,

I must agree with Samantha here. When you are in High School, the opinion of your peers is everything. I get that, in fact, I was there at one point in my life, too. I want you to know, however, that over time, what other people think (and what they have to say) will matter to you less and less, and it should. The reason I say this is because there will be many people who oppose your natural hair simply because it is different and because you are "going against" the norm. Be prepared and already know that you are beautiful, with or without their stamp of approval.

I saw your pictures, and your curls give you personality. It was the way you were born. I wouldn't want you to abandon that. The straight style is also cute, but it is safe, and causes you to blend in with everyone else who is doing the same thing. Even if you wait until later to wear your hair curly, know you have a huge forum of people here on BGLH ready to support and embrace you!

I wish you the BEST in your journey!




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