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Wassup, ya'll. I'm Raven and I'm all new and stuff.
Anyway, I find that my hair is not too short but it's definitely not long. Yep. It's awkward. I find that usually the only styles that look really good on my head right now are two-strand twist outs and, of course, the fro. Other styles don't seem to look quite "right" at this moment in time. Who else is going through something like this right now?
For those who've moved past it, how long until you felt you were past the awkward phase of length? How'd you handle it?

The shrinkage doesn't really help much. I'm a lot more accepting of it than I was at first; the only annoying thing about it would probably be the fact that people think I keep cutting my hair and that I want it short lol

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Ah yes, I remember these days. The thing is, the awkward stage for many naturals goes by pretty fast. The less hair who have to "protect" the easier it is to retain length. I went from big chop to 6 inches in no time. The challenge for me has been getting from 6 inches to 12, 15, etc. 


As far as styles, one thing I loved to do was cornrow my hair towards the center of my head, and then attach a fake puff. It was a great protective style, and really fun. In general I found that cornrowed styles were really easy and fun at that stage. I did a lot of cornrowed updos as well. HTH!

Yea that stage is real awkward, and just as I got used to it, it had passed. I wore a lot of puffs and a lot of wash and go's - which were easy, but not good for retaining length  for ME. In retrospect I wish I had started on the good habits that I have found necessary for my length now, such as protective styling and avoiding twists (MY hair turns into locs in no time). I don't exactly have a solution, but I'd suggest protective styles and ways to cover up like headwraps and hats to my self if I was to go back to that stage. Even though my hair is long now, its still shrinks to the same size as when it was a TWA, stretching in braids has helped work around the shrinkage.
I'm dealing with this right now. Thought I was the only one. Want to do so many styles, but my hair isn't long enough for them, but I have to keep doing it so it doesn't mat up or get tangled.

if your hair were stretched most of the time it would get less tangled. Regardless of style, stretched hair tangles less than shrunken hair. this video should show you how to stretch you hair without heat :)

ME...I AM. My hair seems to be layered in a such a way that the middle of my head and on one side of my hair is shorter than say the front or the back; which almost, almost touches armpit length. When I do try to do like wash-n-go's the right side of my head is all full and the other side is short except for right above my ear right there it's about the same length as the right side. When I do twist this short left side has of course short twist that are nice and full near the scalp but then gets very thin near the ends. Right now I have yarn twists in and hoping I can keep them in until december.
Well this all seems reassuring. I guess I just gotta be patient. And I'll take these style ideas into consideration as well! Thanks ya'll! =D
Yeah the awkward stage.. I hated that stage cuz i went through it in high school but I found it easier to accessorize then try nd style b/c of the texture of my hair cornrows and braids didnt really work well for my hair do to the texture myhair tends to slip out of braids and frizz easily.. but in my opinion the best thing to do is be patient nd wait it out its only a matter of time b4 your lox are flowing beautifully.. As far as shrinkage goes I hate this cu my hair straight is about 13 to 14 inches long..But curly its like 5 or 6 inches.. Tremendous difference but the curls look healthy and bouncy so I deal with it.. On the other hand when I pull a curl down to show its length ppl go nuts!!!
Me!Im at this place..I really dont know what to do with it. Its just in that inbetween the shrinkage..gosh. Some people actually think my hair isnt growing till I take a piece of it and show them just how much its girls..I suppose we have to be patient. Sigh.

Yes! I'm definitely in that awkward stage. my twists are still small and sticking up everywhere and I cant bun or ponytail yet. My hair isnt thick either so when I try to puff the goody headband slides off my head so I have to bobbypin the headband down. 


But on a good note: 

My other option was wigs/half wig. But when my order was out of stock, I decided to preserve this $20 bill in my pocket and work with my hair instead of heading to the BSS.  I've finally remembered what got me through this awkward stage the first time. Stretching hair in braids at night and using roll and tuck protective styles as they look better as updos than my midget twists. Plus, they use less bobby pins. A prime example is Kimmaytube's "wash tuck and go" 

Oh and beanies are a God send because most of your hair is a protected in the hat while you only see the front which you can twist, braid, slide back in a head band or do whatever you want with it.
shoooot you ain't lyin. I did twists in my hair today and even though I KNOW how long the hair is, it's like "nah, we just gonna chill on top of your head.". Sho did wear a beanie today too! lol!
loooolll...sounds a lot like my hair..:) My twist outs dont even come out the way I expect them to(laughing) but, i just work with what ive got :) Importantly,I love my hair :))


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